The Paternity Test

A Paternity test is usually requested by an individual or a couple who wish to know if the male is or is not the biological father of the child in question, or, in rare cases, to determine if the mother is certain.
A Paternity test can be requested for legal purposes regarding custody or maintenance.
The test can also be used for other purposes:
  • establish the relationship between the woman and a particular baby, in case of adoption;
  • confirm the kinship of children conceived with artificial insemination.
  • investigate the consanguinity in legal issues and immigration.

    The analysis method using PCR (DNA amplification) and DNA comparison adopted by our laboratory is accurate and reliable: the highly advanced genetic identification system, considers 16 distinct regions of DNA (loci). This guarantees an accuracy in the paternity probability superior to 99.99%

    The informative Paternity Test
    The informative Paternity Test offers the customer the possibility to take samples and order the test by himself, without involving any third person. This method guarantees the maximum respect of privacy and confidentiality.

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