We Buy Houses DMV


Whether you are looking to sell your home quickly or you have an investment property that you would like to sell, you should look into finding a company that buys houses in the DMV area. These companies are able to buy houses at a fair price, as well as give you the money that you […]

Signs That You Have a Clogged Sink


Having a clogged sink is not an easy thing to deal with, but there are some common signs that you might be dealing with a clog. Keeping a close eye on the area around your sink is a good way to identify the problem.Noises coming from drains Getting a gurgling sound when you drain your […]

Water Heater Repair – Fixing the High-Limit Reset Switch

Water Heater Repair - Fixing the High-Limit Reset Switch

Some parts of your water heater might be beyond your abilities to repair. One of these is the high-limit reset switch, sometimes called a door switch. It is located near a viewing window at the bottom of the water tank. Then, you can try relighting the pilot, which may be the easiest fix. If you […]

Signs That You Should Consider Repairing Tankless Water Heater

Repairing Tankless Water Heater

You might be considering Repairing Tankless Water Heater to extend its lifespan. However, there are a few things that you must be aware of first. For instance, a tankless heater with a rotten egg smell may need to be repaired. This type of problem can cost as much as $200 to $600 to repair. Hydrogen […]