Enjoy Food and Drinks at Mac’s at 19 Broadway Bar in Fairfax


If you're looking for a bar that has a true rock 'n' roll history, Mac's at 19 Broadway is the place for you. One of the few places in Fairfax to feature live music, Mac's is sure to become a local favorite.

Dolce Vita

Mac's at 19 Broadway bar in Fairfax serves small plates, a traditional Italian snack, right next door to Dolce Vita Cucina Italiana. This menu features an assortment of Cicchetti, or small plates, made of rolled-up crusts with meat inside. You can also order arancini, and fried rice balls stuffed with meat. Another Italian snack is marinated, which is made from ground beef.


If you are looking for a place to go to enjoy food and drinks while listening to live music, 19 Broadway bar might be the place for you. This bar has an extensive list of musicians who are always ready to entertain their audience. Throughout the year, they feature different local bands as well as national touring acts. Until recently, the bar was a hot spot for rock fans, with live music almost every night. However, the recent closure of the bar has reduced its crowd and has become less popular.

The bar is located in a newly renovated building that used to be an ice cream parlor. Although the menu features classics from that time period, it changes regularly to reflect contemporary trends. Cocktail prices here vary depending on the type of cocktail you order. You can expect to pay between $12 and $14 for an average cocktail. The bar also offers an extensive list of craft cocktails. Try the Lord Fairfax, named for a Virginia aristocrat, which is a blend of bourbon, absinthe, and gin.

Live music

Long-running bar features live music and open-mike nights. There's also patio seating and a relaxed vibe. It's one of Fairfax's best hangouts. The atmosphere is laid-back and comfortable, and the drinks are cheap and plentiful.

The bar has a 1920s theme with art on the walls. The bar itself was hand-finished by local artist Chris MacCarthy. The pub even has an outdoor patio, complete with heaters for chilly nights. There's also a beautiful ceiling with ornate embossed designs. Whether you're looking for a fun night out with your friends or looking for a unique venue to host a birthday party, you'll enjoy the live music at Mac's at 19 Broadway.

Tex-Mex at Mac's

If you're looking for a fun, laid-back place to enjoy great food and drink, check out Mac's at 19 Broadway bar in Fairex. You'll find that you'll find plenty of both! Not only will you enjoy a variety of Tex-Mex dishes and drinks, but you'll also enjoy the fun atmosphere and live music that happens here every night.

Fairfax bar is also known for its lively nightlife. Several local bands perform every Wednesday and Sunday. The 19 Broadway Bar and Nightclub feature a dance floor and roots in blues, rock, and Americana. You can also catch a live show at Peri's Bar in Fairfax.

Dolce Vita at Mac's

Whether you're looking for a fun atmosphere for your next celebration or a romantic spot to spend an evening with your significant other, Dolce Vita at Mac's is a fantastic choice. The Italian-style bar is located next door to Dolce Vita Cucina Italiana. The menu includes Cicchetti, which are small dishes served with wine.

These Italian bites consist of rolled crusts stuffed with meat or vegetables. Other dishes include arancini, which are rice balls filled with meat. Another Italian dish is macinato, which consists of ground beef.

Tex-Mex at Peri's

Before the 1906 earthquake hit the Bay Area, Mac's at 19 Broadway bar was a popular Fairfax spot, with live music most nights. Local rock bands and aristocrats alike frequented Mac's, and the music scene was thriving. But as gentrification began to take hold, the bar struggled to attract the same aristocratic crowd.

Once a cash-only establishment, Peri's is now accepting credit cards at the door. Former owner Frankie Peri, who was a renowned concert promoter, has had a son take over as general manager. Scott Peri spent more than two decades working as a production manager for the Grateful Dead. He purchased 19 Broadway during the pandemic and put in hours of hard work to restore it to its former glory.